Luis Cuende


Yet another sad day for freedom

Originally sent as a Discord message to fellow Nation3 citizens

Dear fellow citizens,

What happened today with one of Tornado Cash developers getting arrested is a wake up call about the urgency of our mission. Traditional nation states, once architected around checks and balances, have become legalized terrorist cartels.

They threaten, they create fear, and they either skip any legal processes or they bend them at will. Even if he manages to have a fair trial and get released, the message is out: if you are an open source developer working on technology that goes against trad states, we'll come after you. Checks and balances are broken: Assange has already spent 10 years imprisoned without a trial.

Who is next? What is next? As they mentioned:

These advanced technologies, such as decentralised organisations that may facilitate money laundering are receiving extra attention

So, are DAOs next? Maybe they have decided that DAOs are too much of a powerful coordination tool for their citizens, posing a threat to their carefully created cartels.

Whatever comes next, this is a sharp, painful reminder of the tough reality of our times: in the world of trad states, free speech is for noisemakers, anonymity is for terrorists, and truth is for the damned.

It is not only our dream, but our duty, to build viable alternatives to these crooked institutions. Only in doing so freedom, privacy, anonymity and fairness will thrive.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Every dark day like this fuels the energy in our hearts, boils the blood in our veins, and gets us ready for another day of hard work. Because our work is not mundane nor easy — we are dismantling the world's largest cartels.