Luis Cuende


I’m a freedom maximalist, a bureaucracy minimalist and a rational optimist.

I advanced the freedom to organize through Aragon, which I cofounded in 2016. Aragon took DAOs from $0 to $20bn in assets under management, powering some of Ethereum’s heavyweights, like Lido and Curve. (For goosebumps, watch this).

I am now advancing the freedom of movement with CitizenX, which I cofounded in 2023. CitizenX allows you to find and fund places that welcome you as a citizen.

I am an angel investor in freedom-enabling technologies that will define this century’s progress: crypto (sovereign money), longevity (sovereign health) and network states (sovereign citizenship).

I have invested in 20+ startups like Dune, Molecule or Polkadot. I have coinvested alongside other angels like Balaji Srinivasan, Ryan Hoover, Alexis Ohanian, Ashton Kutcher and VCs like a16z, USV and Placeholder.

I started my career making open source software at age 12. I first started a Linux distribution called Asturix, building a new desktop environment from scratch and cool features like facelogin (way before Android and iOS had it!).

I have also advised projects like Decentraland, and institutions like the European Commission (which didn’t work out very well).

I didn’t go to college and I attribute much of the West’s cultural decline to our Industrial Age education systems and boomers.

My utopian dream is to live in a new country that doesn’t exist today — where creativity is praised, private property is respected, bullshit jobs don’t exist and parents actually get to spend time with their kids.

If something resonated here, drop me a line at first letter of my name @ this domain.