Luis Cuende


My wishes for the world in 2023

I wish that humankind at large gets better at predicting the side effects of our actions. We are really bad at this and it’s causing wars, ruining the life of many millennials and Gen Z and ultimately destroying the planet.

I wish for more investment into the researching and deploying (which unfortunately lies partly on governments) better education systems.

I wish for a cloud nation to start providing services that are viable drop-in alternatives to the ones provided by traditional nations. I’m working on this at Nation3.

I wish for the Putin regime to be dismantled and for war to stop… but even more importantly, I wish for whatever comes next to be better/less destructive than the current one.

I wish for culture and regulation to keep pushing on animal rights, which have been abused since forever.

I wish that the US stops seeing crypto as an enemy. After all, many of the founding principles of the US (freedom, decentralization) resonate so much with crypto. Unfortunately, seems like they have been long forgotten.

I wish for the EU to wake up and realize that deep changes are needed. Otherwise the EU is destined to be dismantled and become an irrelevant and poor geriatric in a decade.

I wish that the coming recession is easy on everyone.