Luis Cuende


We cannot get there fast enough

I am disappointed. I am disappointed because society is crumbling down, and our products aren't able to meaningfully do anything about it.

For sure, some people have used Aragon DAOs to fundraise various initiatives to fight COVID-19.

But that's just a stitch while society is bleeding off.

And it's all so ironic. Bitcoin was born during the biggest financial crisis of recent times.

It wasn't born before. It wasn't there to help people survive that crisis. It was born because of it.

It was born from the pain of those who suffered seeing their families being enslaved from debt they knew they would never ever pay. Pain makes us grow. It's unfortunate, but it's the way it is.

And while I am torn apart by the current state of society, that thought makes me hopeful.

The thought that the same way that Bitcoin wasn't ready to help in the previous economic crisis, it is now here with us today. Because of it, I hope that the next financial crisis won't be the same.

What this means for us now is that we will keep seeing society crumble down without our work being able to help much. It will be painful, but that pain will make us learn.

Eventually, we will be able to offer real solutions to real problems. And I cannot wait to live that day.

Let's keep building, because we cannot get there fast enough.

This post was originally sent as a letter to my team