Luis Cuende


Value what you have

I track my mood every day — when I wake up, and when I go to sleep.

It helps me see how I felt during previous stages of my life, and it also helps me introspect and ask myself: how are you feeling now?

In the rushed times we live, just asking yourself that question and taking a few seconds to consciously introspect is very important.

Most of the times I rank my mood with five stars — the maximum.

This morning, I thought I could optimize the process. After all, if most times I rank it highly, shouldn't I stop tracking it when it's high, and just record the lows? That would save a few seconds every day.

Then I thought how stupid that is. The value of tracking my mood is not in recording the lows, but in realizing how fortunate I am. The value is in realizing that I'm consistently happy over time, and introspecting and remembering what is making me happy.

Taking things for granted can be an infinite source of unhappiness.

On the other hand, remembering how fortunate we are for having what we have can be an infinite source of inner peace.

To value what you have, remember its worth every day

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