Luis Cuende


Personal review of AGP proposals for the Jan 24th, 2019 vote

I wanted to do a quick summary, since decentralized governance is very new and may seem daunting.

First of all, a first disclaimer: My intention is not to influence voting behavior. This post aims to be as neutral as possible. That is why it’s coming from my personal Medium account. I have ordered AGPs by number with neutrality in mind too.

Now, a second disclaimer: I don’t aim to vote with all my tokens, except force majeure situations. I may vote with just 1 ANT to go through the voting experience.

AGP-5: Aragon One Flock proposal

Who: Aragon One, the main team leading Aragon’s development

What: Aims to expand to 25 people. Work includes: identity, DAOs interacting with external dapps, the app center, more flexible permissions, responsive, metatransactions, new voting architecture and the Aragon Network

Funding: $4m for 2019 operations, and 1,675,000 ANT for the next 4 years

Possible upside: The Aragon One team is in its best moment. With funding, it will keep attracting the best talent and forming a stable team

Possible downside: Although it is a very cost efficient team, it needs sizable funding due to its magnitude

AGP-10: Community Funding DAO

Who: A DAO controlled by ANT holders

What: Fund low-cost, low-risk bounties that are proposed and voted on by ANT holders

Funding: 12,500 DAI

Possible upside: More community engagement and contributors

Possible downside: Governance of the DAO may fail and we may lost some money on unwanted bounties

AGP-11: Association annual budget

Who: Aragon Association

What: Fund the Aragon Association operations and enable it to expand its team to 4 people. That includes the Executive Director (Stefano), a Program Manager, an Operations Manager and an Events Manager

Funding: 820k CHF for 2019 operations, and 300k ANT for the next 3 years

Possible upside: The Association will take work off the teams’ shoulders and enable them to focus on product

Possible downside: The current team is just Stefano and it may take a couple months to fill the current openings

AGP-12: Aragon holiday

What: Set Feb 10th as the Fight for Freedom day, Aragon’s holiday

Possible upside: Having a day recognized and celebrated by the whole community

Possible downside: -

AGP-14: Improve voting logistics

What: Very reasonable changes to simplify the AGP process. Also changes the time votes happen, from 00:00 UTC to 16:00 UTC

Possible upside: Majority of core devs will not have to be up at unreasonable times when the vote happens

Possible downside: -

AGP-16: Extend voting duration

What: Extend voting duration from 48h to last a week

Possible upside: More time to vote

Possible downside: More time to attack the vote

AGP-17: Nest annual budget

Who: A DAO controlled by Flock team members and the Aragon Association

What: Continue running Aragon Nest, our grants program

Funding: $500k + 200k ANT

Possible upside: Nest keeps being one of the best grants program in the space

Possible downside: -

AGP-18: Authio proposal to become the Aragon Network security partner

Who: Authio, security auditors

What: Work together with core devs to ensure the security of all smart contracts

Funding: $215k

Possible upside: Having a security partner with passion for the project, funded by ANT holders to best serve their interests

Possible downside: Team that all core devs haven’t previously worked with(with a couple exceptions)

AGP-19: Autark Flock proposal

Who: Autark, a new team led by Yalda and Quazia, who are Nest grantees too

What: Improve aragonAPI, work on rich user profiles, voting discussions, reputation systems, DAO templates, DAO storage, and a planning suite

Funding: $390k + 350k ANT

Possible upside: Having a team with strong leadership that loves the project

Possible downside: Newly formed team

That’s it for now! You can shape this vote by participating on the Aragon chat and the Aragon forum. Best luck to all teams and AGP authors!