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Learnings in 2022

  • People would rather start a war than go to therapy: Keep that in mind for macro and interpersonal relationships, but also movements like cancel culture.
  • Cancel culture and the Dark Ages | Luis Cuende
    It takes two things for a society to thrive: freedom and truth. Cancel culture undermines both.
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  • Boomers and their lack of foresight have put millennials and Gen Z in a precarious position: Most of my school friends are now certain they’ll do worse than their parents. It is infuriating.
  • How boomers destroyed the West | Luis Cuende
    Lately, I have been asking myself: why is art and culture worse today than a few decades ago?
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    How to dethrone the gerontocracy | Luis Cuende
    Our kids won’t live better than us if we don’t dethrone gerontocracy, but we can’t do it playing by their rules.
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    The West is in ruins | Luis Cuende
    Humankind is long-term default dead, and not default alive.
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  • We are doing a terrible job taking care of other living (and sentient) beings: Sometimes, I’m really ashamed to be a human.
  • Ashamed to be a human | Luis Cuende
    We praise ourselves as being a superior species, yet fail to keep up with basic human morality in taking care of other animal species.
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  • Doing less is a competitive advantage: Overworking reduces cognition and undermines creativity. Both are vital for strategic thinking. Sometimes, going on a walk and feeding the brain some entropy is the most productive thing to do. Extreme focus + creativity = good stuff.
  • We are in an era of change, and in those eras, social cohesion and values are in all-time laws: It’s a save-yourself world out there.
  • Extreme individualism and the erosion of values | Luis Cuende
    How I almost got into a fight trying to help a grandpa reunite with his grandchildren.
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  • The more complexity in the food chain, the more cancerogens and damage to the planet: Animals are heavily mistreated. For plants, pesticides can pass down the food chain. If you can afford it, only buy eco and bio products.
  • To 2023 🥂

    Learnings in 2021 | Luis Cuende
    My personal learnings from 2021.
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    Learnings in 2019 | Luis Cuende
    Compiling my 2019 learnings after moments of clarity
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