Luis Cuende

I am a freedom fighter creating tools for human liberation.

I am a cofounder at CitizenX — the world's first platform to help you find and fund places that welcome you as a citizen.

Previously I cofounded Aragon, taking DAOs from $0 to >$20bn in AUM, and Witnet. I am also an angel investor in 20+ startups.

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Featured posts

  1. The fall of the West / The parents that failed their children

    I will explore the most important civil liberties, and argue why in the West they are on their knees already, providing concrete examples. We are closer than we think to tyranny, but boomers don’t care.

  2. The New World Order

    The dollar will lose hegemony. And western democracies might ban crypto to try to delay the inevitable.

  3. The West is in ruins

    Humankind is long-term default dead, and not default alive.

  4. How to dethrone the gerontocracy

    Our kids won’t live better than us if we don’t dethrone gerontocracy, but we can’t do it playing by their rules.

  5. How boomers destroyed the West

    Lately, I have been asking myself: why is art and culture worse today than a few decades ago?

  6. The future that got stolen from us

    Once upon a time, society saw technological progress as the way to free people from 9-to-5 jobs. Where did that dream go?

  7. The sorry state of crypto UX

    If we think mainstream users are going to use any of this, we have drunk too much kool aid. We need to take a 180-degree turn in our priorities

  8. Telegram DAOs

    Let's go where existing internet communities live and supercharge them with crypto. Let's take DAOs to Telegram!

  9. The uncomfortable truth of college

    Why it made sense in the Industrial Era, and why it doesn’t today